Why Purple? Because Purple People always look for opportunities to success in life with big effort and persistence. They go beyond their own beliefs and create a reality full of goals met (and more to come!!).

At Purple Teaching, we use a learning methodology based on your personality. We avoid the usage of boring material and our many ally is technology.

We focus in creating personalized English programs according to personal and professional needs: if you are a company that need to train your collaborators then, contact us! We will schedule a meeting and create a plan that fit your company’s goals.

Our training center also provides focused training in English for teachers in areas such as pronunciation, technology in education, didactic material and planning techniques.

Since 2016

Purple Teaching is a training center that started in 2016 with the objective of creating personalized English programs according to personal needs, to improve the use of the language and thus; contribute to a better quality of life of people.

Purple Teaching Training Center foundress Margoth Picado Aguilar, has worked in different areas that involve English as a foreign language. She finished her English Teaching superior studies back in 2014 and has exercised her role as teacher since then.

Our Mission

We are compromised to provide training programs in professional areas that are related to the English language.

Our Vision

In the future we see ourselves as a training center at the forefront of market needs related to the English language.